What Should You Expect from Your Onsite Manager? Grand Rapids Property Management

Nov 26, 2021 | Owner Education, Property Management Education

On-site managers are not always necessary and in Grand Rapids, there’s no specific requirement that you have one in place when you’re renting out apartments and other units in multi-family properties. However, there are benefits to having one on-site.

If you’ve decided that you need on-site management for your Grand Rapids investment property, you should expect the same things you expect from any property manager: communication, accountability, and the efficient management of all leasing and maintenance issues.

On-Site Managers Should Provide Emergency Response

Every property owner has different job descriptions and working hours in place for their on-site staff. However, one common expectation is that they’ll be on call and available if any emergency situations occur. This means a willingness to respond to unexpected problems 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Sometimes, emergency maintenance issues will arise that require an immediate response. There may be flooding in an apartment or a kitchen fire or a weather-related issue. On-site management should mitigate the damage that can be caused during emergencies because they’re able to spring into action faster than a management company or vendor who is off-site. For example, they can turn off water and gas lines if necessary and provide the coordination that’s necessary between tenants, management companies, and vendors.

Collecting Rent and Enforcing Lease Agreements

Most tenants expect to pay rent online, and that’s probably how you have your accounting system set up for your rental properties. However, some tenants prefer paying by check or money order instead of moving funds electronically.

An on-site manager should be prepared to accept those funds, provide a receipt, and enter the payment into any ledger or accounting software you might be using. It helps to have someone collecting rent in-person and reduces the risk of the check getting lost in the mail.

Lease enforcement is easier for property owners when they have a manager on-site. It’s easier to notice an unauthorized pet or to smell smoke in a non-smoking unit.

Managing Tenant Relationships and Rental Experiences

You can also expect your on-site Grand Rapids property manager to maintain good tenant relationships. They’ll be the first to handle any conflicts or disputes, especially those that can occur between neighbors who share walls and common areas.

One of the most common complaints an on-site manager receives is a noise complaint. There may also be disputes over pets, parking, and keeping the common areas in good condition.

You want your on-site manager to be proactive in maintaining good relationships throughout the community. They should understand how the building works, stay on top of state and federal laws, and ensure all maintenance issues are promptly reported.

On-site managerIf you’d like some help establishing the scope of work for your on-site property manager in Grand Rapids, we’d be happy to help. Tell us about your property and your needs, and we’ll tell you how to ensure your tenants have the best possible rental experience.

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