Short South Realty Group utilizes advanced tenant screening procedures. Our partnership with TransUnion gives us immediate online access to tenant screening results. Our management system is completely integrated with TransUnion’s portfolio of products: SmartMove, Credit Retriever, and RentBridge. We receive tailored recommendations for our available properties so our leasing agents can make instant and informed leasing decisions.

TransUnion RentBridge is a national database that shows up to seven years of historical rental information about applicants, such as:

• Late or missed rent payments
• Skips and evictions
• Amount owed at lease termination

RentBridge includes data from TransUnion CreditRetriever customers across the country. So with RentBridge, not only can we see who has the ability to fulfill their lease obligations, we can actually see who has and hasn’t made their payments on time. This solution allows us to combine credit-based data with actual rental histories for a more complete resident screening picture.

TransUnion CreditRetriever allows Short South Realty Group to:

• Check applicants’ credit history
• Determine if they have the ability to pay rent
• See if they’ve been evicted or failed to pay rent on time

The result is more profitable leasing decision.

Screenshot showing the TransUnion CreditRetriever
Screenshot shoring the TransUnion CreditRetriever

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Short South Realty Group is a team of real estate experts dedicated to providing the highest quality real estate management services.  We have more than 30 years of experience buying, selling, leasing and managing residential and commercial property in West Michigan.

Short South Realty Group is a licensed Michigan real estate brokerage. License Number: 6505380226.

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