Maximizing Your Rental Property’s Exposure with Effective Marketing in Grand Rapids

Oct 26, 2023 | Owner Education, Property Management Education

You might have the best property in Grand Rapids ready to be rented out. It’s priced right. It’s upgraded. It’s in the perfect location. 

No one is going to rent it if they don’t know it’s available. 

The key to effective marketing is exposure. You need to get your listing in front of as many potential renters as possible. You have to provide them with a reason to want to come and see your property. This requires a strategic marketing plan that’s focused on digital advertising and social media. 

With the right exposure, your marketing plan can reduce your vacancy time and attract highly qualified tenants. Those are things that lead to more rental income and higher long-term returns, so it’s important to pay attention to the methods you use when offering your home to renters. 

Most tenants in Grand Rapids are looking online for their next rental property. They’re hoping to find great photos, an attractive property, and a competitive price. When it’s time to schedule a showing, they expect responsiveness and convenience. 

We’re offering some professional tips on marketing your Grand Rapids investment properties for maximum exposure. 

Offer an Attractive Grand Rapids Rental Property 

You need to be confident in what you’re marketing to people. If your home still needs work or it isn’t completely rent ready, you’ll only make the marketing process harder on yourself – and more disappointing. 

To gain the right kind of exposure with your marketing plans, you need to provide a rental home that’s move-in ready. Otherwise, your prospective tenants will take their attention elsewhere. Make sure all your repairs and updates are made. Have the home professionally cleaned so it’s ready to show. It needs to be welcoming and attractive. Check out the curb appeal and the landscaping. Is it truly ready for the exposure you’re planning?

Strategic Pricing for Maximum Exposure

When tenants begin searching for their next rental home, they’re likely going to set filters to only show them properties in their price range. If you’re out of range, you’re not going to show up. That will significantly reduce the number of tenants who even see your listing. 

Price your property correctly and include that price in your online marketing. There’s no point in attracting tenants who are not able to pay what you’re asking. 

A competitive and accurate rental value will help your marketing by reducing the amount of time you have to do it. Look at your competition and make sure your own rental value isn’t too high or too low. There’s no need to guess. You can evaluate what similar properties in your neighborhood are listed for on the same sites you plan to use. If you don’t have reliable data, talk to a Grand Rapids property manager. We use the latest numbers in specific neighborhoods to decide how to price your property. 

Professional Photos for Your Grand Rapids Rental Property 

If you don’t have any photos to go with your listing, you can forget about any exposure. Photos are important, and that’s because tenants will always look at the photos before they read the description or even check the location on a map. You have to give them a good first impression if you want them to show any interest. 

Include a lot of photos, and make sure they’re good photos. Camera phones can take high quality pictures and if you happen to have a great one, go ahead and use it. If you’re having trouble getting good shots with great lighting and wide angles, however, upgrade to a professional camera so you can really showcase the best that your property has to offer. Include shots of:

  • The front of the property as well as any outdoor space.
  • All bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • The kitchen, including its appliances and floors.
  • Living areas and dens.
  • Special features, such as updated counters, attached garages, or fenced yards.

Consider using video, too. It might take a little extra time, but it can be beneficial for tenants who are trying to reduce the number of properties they visit in person. If they take a video tour and feel like they really want to rent your home, they’ll schedule a showing. 

Keep Your Description Detailed but Concise

When you’re writing for maximum exposure, you have to keep things brief. Include all of the necessary information, but do it in a way that’s concise and digestible. Think bullet points instead of long paragraphs. The information you provide in your description can also eliminate people who were impressed with the photos but need larger bedrooms or more square footage.

List of all the features your rental property offers. Put down the obvious things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as other details like the size, and whether things have been updated or renovated. Include the most important rental terms. Mention how much rent will be and what you’ll require for a deposit. If you’re allowing or prohibiting pets, be sure to mention that. 

Don’t forget your contact information.

Provide Responsive, Convenient Showings

House InquiryWith exposure comes a lot of interest in your property. You’ll have prospective tenants getting in touch to ask questions and schedule showings. 

Always be responsive, and be quick with those responses. You have to answer the phone, respond to emails, and return messages. 

Provide self-showing technology like lockboxes or digital keys if you’re not able to show the home in person. Tenants are likely to appreciate the privacy of seeing a home on their own, when it’s convenient for them. Always follow up by asking if they’d like an application and offering to answer any questions. 

These are some of the best ways to market your Grand Rapids rental property effectively and for the most exposure possible. Don’t forget to share your listing on social media. You can also ask people in your network to share it. Everyone knows someone who is looking for a home. 

As professional property managers, we’re able to do all of this quickly and efficiently. If you’d like some help marketing your Grand Rapids rental property, contact us at Short South Realty Group.