Maintaining Your Grand Rapids Rental Property: Essential Repairs and Upgrades

Aug 25, 2023 | Owner Education, Property Management Education

As a Grand Rapids landlord, we’re pretty sure you already understand the importance of maintaining your rental property. With proper maintenance protocols in place, you’re preserving the condition of your asset so that you can continue renting it out for years to come. You’re also ensuring it’s attractive to potential renters, and you’re allowing the asset to increase in value. 

There’s also the inevitability of repairs. Things will break. They will need to be replaced, no matter how careful your tenants or how new your investment property. 

Upgrades are important, too. They keep your property modern and functional. They increase your rental value and attract high quality renters. 

Responding to repairs and setting up a schedule for upgrades and updates is a good idea. 

Some of the maintenance and renovations need priority handling. We’re sharing a short list of the essential repairs and upgrades that need your constant attention, whether you’re maintaining your property during a tenancy, getting it ready for the rental market, or making updates and improvements during the turnover period between tenants. 

Grand Rapids Rental Property Roof Repairs

The roof is one of the most important parts of any building, and your rental property is no exception. In Grand Rapids, we ask a lot of our roofs. There’s snow and ice in the winter. Wind. High heat and sunshine in the summer. You need to be checking on the roof at your rental property pretty consistently. 

A damaged or leaky roof can cause all kinds of problems, from water damage to insulation problems to mold growth. If you notice any damage or leaks in your roof, it’s important to address them right away. Hire a professional roofing company to assess the damage and recommend the best course of action. This must remain a preventative maintenance measure that’s performed routinely. Always pay attention to your roof.

HVAC Service and Inspection 

Just like the roof, a heating and cooling system in any Grand Rapids rental property gets a lot of work throughout the year. The heat is especially important for tenants during the winters. With a well-functioning heating and cooling system, you’ll have fewer maintenance calls from your residents, and you’ll also extend the lifespan of your most expensive system. 

When air is flowing properly throughout the rental home, tenants remain comfortable and happy. The air quality indoors is better, and an efficient HVAC system can keep energy bills lower. 

Contract with an HVAC technician to have your entire system inspected and serviced at least once a year. This will help you to troubleshoot any potential problems. If it’s time to replace and upgrade your HVAC system or any part of it, don’t delay. This will increase the value of your property, prevent emergency repairs, and help you attract higher-quality tenants who are willing to pay more for a comfortable living environment. Consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient model to save on utility costs.

Energy-Efficient Windows to Keep the Elements Out

Windows at your rental home should always open, close, and lock with ease. You want to check them during every inspection. 

You won’t typically be asked to repair windows, unless your tenants notice that a screen is damaged or it’s difficult to operate your windows. You shouldn’t have to upgrade them too frequently, either. If the current windows in your rental home are older, however, it might be a good time to invest in energy-efficient models. This will likely reduce utility costs, which is great for attracting and retaining those high-quality tenants. Energy-efficient windows can also seal in the warm or cool area, depending on the season, reduce noise pollution, improve indoor air quality, and increase overall comfort. Look for windows with low e-glass coatings and Energy Star certifications.

Update Appliances in Grand Rapids Rental Homes

Outdated appliances are a major turn-off for potential tenants. Consider updating your rental property’s appliances to make them more energy-efficient and attractive to renters. Upgrading to stainless steel appliances can also give your property a more modern look and feel. You can earn more in rent when you offer stainless appliances. 

These aren’t absolutely necessary, of course. As long as your rental property has matching appliances, you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount on refrigerators and dishwashers. 

Are you offering in-unit laundry? If you’re not, this is an upgrade that can really make a difference in what you earn and how you attract tenants. 

Prioritize Preventative Maintenance 

Preventative maintenance is crucial for the return on investment (ROI) you earn on your Grand Rapids investment property because it saves you money. When you have a good preventative maintenance plan in place, you can expect that:

  • You’ll protect the condition and value of your investment property.
  • You’ll avoid or at least limit expensive emergency repairs. 
  • Your property will be more attractive to tenants, reducing vacancy loss and increasing rental value.

All of that means more income and fewer expenses. Without preventative maintenance, you risk having to respond to deferred maintenance and emergency repairs, which are always more expensive and frustrating than those proactive inspections and service calls. 

Routine preventative maintenance work at your property can give you an idea of where you need to focus your maintenance efforts. They help you plan for upgrades and updates. They keep your tenants happy. We recommend you prioritize this type of maintenance when you’re planning for essential repairs and upgrades. 

Maintaining your rental property is essential to keeping it in top shape and attracting quality Grand Rapids tenants. Upgrading your roofing, HVAC, windows, appliances, and ongoing preventative maintenance systems can help improve your property’s appearance, value, and comfort. By making these repairs and upgrades, you can enjoy a smoother and more profitable rental experience. You’ll keep your residents happy, and that means you’ll be more likely to retain them.

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