5 Features Tenants Look for in a Grand Rapids Apartment

Feb 25, 2022 | Owner Education, Property Management Education

When you’re renting out an apartment to Grand Rapids tenants, you’re looking for renters who are willing to pay rent on time, take care of the home, and follow the terms of the lease agreement. What will attract these great tenants to your property? 

You have to make sure you match – and if possible, exceed – the competition when it comes to providing a great apartment home. Here are 5 things that tenants are most likely to look for in a Grand Rapids rental apartment.

1. Pets Are Allowed or Considered 

More than half the households in Grand Rapids have at least one pet. Pet owners think of their dogs and cats as family members, and if you don’t allow them in your rental property, you’re going to narrow your pool of potential tenants pretty dramatically. 

We understand if you’re hesitant; pets can come with a lot of liability and they can potentially cause damage to your property. Neighbors in multi-family homes and apartment buildings tend to complain about barking dogs and pet waste that has not been adequately cleaned up in common areas. 

However, there are more tenants looking for pet-friendly properties than there are tenants complaining about pets. Be willing to consider them on a case-by-case basis, and have a strong pet policy in place. 

2. Updates to Appliances and Surfaces 

Renters are also looking for a well-maintained apartment that has attractive and upgraded appliances, floors, walls, and surfaces. Make sure you’re offering a home with fresh paint. Check out the condition of your floors – do the carpets need to be cleaned or replaced? 

They’re also looking for energy-efficient appliances and modern counters. You don’t necessarily have to install stainless appliances and granite counters, but you might consider it if you’re making some renovations and targeting highly qualified tenants. 

3. Secure Parking Off-Street 

No one wants to drive around the neighborhood for half an hour looking for a place to park on the street. Your apartment should come with a dedicated parking spot in a garage or a parking lot. Your tenants will also be looking for ample visitor parking as well. Tenants in Grand Rapids are especially fond of covered parking, particularly in the winter. 

4. Smart Home Features 

It seems like everyone has a video doorbell these days. This may not make sense in an apartment, but you’ll find that tenants are always looking for access to good technology that includes smart home features. Most renters don’t see this as a deal breaker, but you’ll attract better tenants and higher rents when you can provide smart thermostats where tenants can control temperatures with an app. They also appreciate automatic lights and appliances that will sync with their phones or smart devices like Alexa and Siri. 

5. Outdoor Space is Becoming a Priority 

Access to fresh air and open space became a hot commodity during the pandemic. Tenants are still looking for any kind of outdoor space when they choose an apartment, even if it’s just a balcony or a patio. 

Make sure the landscaping is appealing and low-maintenance. Buildings that include amenities such as pools, parks, and picnic areas are also likely to attract good tenants quickly. 

Outdoor SpaceThese are just 5 of the most popular things that your Grand Rapids tenants are looking for. We can help you make sure your rental property is reaching a large pool of qualified renters. If you want to stand out from the competition, contact us at Short South Realty Group.