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Clark Brothers Capital

For years, local and national real estate investors have reached out to us for advice on how to get involved in the Grand Rapids real estate market. We have provided these investors with guidance, and brokerage and property management services.   Now, in response for the tremendous demand we have seen for single-family real estate investment, our founders, along with other investors, formed Clark Brothers Capital Corporation.   Clark Brothers is focused on acquiring, renovating and leasing single-family homes as …

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In March 2010 we listed our Grand Haven Cottage on,, and The results have been great: the Cottage was fully booked for most of 2010 and spring and summer 2011 are already nearly full. However, as it becomes time to renew, I questioned whether all three listings were necessary to maintain our current occupancy level. So I sourced all bookings back to their original source. Here are the results: Leads    Bookings    Ratio    Cost-Per-Booking 40 5 8 …

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